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木曜日, 7月 02, 2020

✩2 Old EGG Magazines✩

Most gals would say most of their shopping goes to secondhand clothing. I built up my wardrobe quite a bit and got a few decent pieces and brands. But most of my money and hunting time goes to old EGG issues.

This is what my collection looks like so far. The oldest I have are from 1999. I'm on the craziest hunt for Issue #1. I saw it once in a lot that the seller was not willing to break up. Then not long after, someone bought the whole thing. It was a pretty decent listing but I already had others that I wanted more so I couldn't get all that.

But I'm pretty happy so far, considering I have THE famous Kaa-tan issue. And now the Manba issue! Both I got for really decent prices! I was really surprised because both are in amazing condition. 

I bought another issue before and I kinda' wish the seller pointed out that some of the pictures were cut out. I will never understand why they did that... Hopefully I can find the same issue again and it will be more complete...

I am in absolute love with these two issues. They are just filled with so many fun and inspirational looks for summer. I haven't been doing more than my eyemake because we are required to wear masks when outside. But I'm hoping that one day I can do a full face Manba make.

That's all for today since I have to get ready for work! But please let me know in the comments what kind of things you guys like to collect!

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