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金曜日, 7月 10, 2020

✩6 Finally Bought New Shoes✩

When it comes to clothing, I really don't buy much. Over the years, I have collected a decent amount. But I think I've gotten more magazines than anything.

Shoes, especially, tend to last a long time for me because I have to wear sneakers when I go to work. So I will hardly get a chance to "ruin" any other kinds of shoes. But even when I do get to wear something besides sneakers, I am as careful as possible. Hence while you will rarely see me wear white shoes. My anxiety is shot.
Unfortunately, because work has not been giving me a lot of hours lately, I find myself staying home a lot in slippers. And now they are about ready for the trash. Seriously, folks, don't buy Old Navy flip flops. I have rarely worn them before this and they are breaking!

It's funny, though. I was recently on the hunt for platform sandals after seeing this gorgeous post on Insta.

I have some platform boots but had yet to get appropriate summer wear. At all. So why not get some shoes?
Here are the ones I found!
I honestly don't know why I wanted these but I got them in yellow xD

These are gonna be perfect with some cute Liz Lisa items!


There were other colors but I needed pink.
These are for home! I got the pink obv.

I'm especially excited for the orange ones! Shout out to Catty for the website suggestion!
Hopefully these will arrive soon!

Which one do you like the best? Let me know in the comments!

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