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日曜日, 7月 12, 2020

✩7 Yuna or Fran? ✩

Hair salons have finally started opening here. The rest of the state is pretty much mostly open. But in my area, we are barely Phase 1/2. But at least I can finally get a much-needed haircut.

Even before quarantine, it was a WHILE since my last haircut which wasn't much. I only got a trim.   But now I'm debating if I want to just get another trim or actually get a real haircut.

I make haircuts to be a big thing sometimes. Since high school, when I went on my own to get my haircuts, I liked to get them styled after Final Fantasy characters. Back then, Rinoa's style was very popular.

   I stayed with that hairstyle for a long while till about when Final Fantasy 10-2 came out and Yuna got her Gyaru-worthy look. Yes, I actually cut my hair short for that. It was pretty fun!

Then when Final Fantasy 13-2 released, I fell in love with Serah's. And again, I did that crazy haircut.  Too bad I don't have any photos from it. It was pretty wild. I loved my hairdresser.

   Later on, haircuts just became fewer and fewer because I wanted my hair to look like Ao-chan's. I know she uses extensions but since I have the ability to, I wanted to make my hair just as long. So it was just plain layers.

   Now, I finally want to get a different haircut but I don't know if I wanted to get a trim and keep it long or go back to short.

So this leads me to ask in a poll:

I already asked on my Twitter but I was wondering if any of my readers will want to cast their vote. I'm looking to get an appointment this week! So the winner will be promptly revealed sometime soon!

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