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火曜日, 7月 14, 2020

✩8 Being a Nerdy Gal✩

I am not a normal gal. I was a gamer and anime fan first. I still love fashion and makeup as much as the next gal but if there's a way to incorporate my fandom stuff, I will.

I have some stuff from Pokemon, Final Fantasy and of course Sailor Moon. But lately I've been thinking about getting stuff from Monster Hunter. Especially after seeing this one site that Darling showed me.

I never bought anything for myself from the game series and when I did buy things they were usually for my fiance. He got me into playing the games a little after we started dating - a fun perk to being a gamer couple. But we never did the matching fashion thing in all of our years together. When I mentioned MH though, he finally agreed.

So I'm going with Monster Hunter's Azure Rathalos and Pink Rathian. In the games, they are mates and you can actually find them with their nests filled with eggs. It's also kind of a thing in the fan community that they, along with Teostra and Lunastra, represent couples. So what cuter way to do the couple thing and celebrate MH than with these hoodies!

When I get them, I will make another post. I'm really excited! Also Darling thinks that this is going to prevent me from stealing his shirts. He's hilarious!

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