✩17 Baby's First Alba Rosa✩

Aug 21, 2020

Wow! It's been a minute!
I'm not gonna' lie, work has gotten crazy. But I've been doing my best to keep up with everything gal. And thanks to the huge oldschool boom, I have caught the bug also. But that's not all I caught~

I am happy to say I finally got my first Alba Rosa pieces!

Along with My Favorite Tiara and this other brand that I had not heard of yet called Chaos. (Perfect for me LOL)

It originally started with being on the hunt for my baby Alolan Raichu. I found this vinyl keychain that was from a lottery a few years back and was on the hunt for it. I was lucky enough to find it and contacted my one and only SS - Tenshi Shop. They let me know that it was won but to make the actual shipment worthwhile thanks, Ms. Rona that I should find a few more things to get to be shipped. Of course I said no problem XD

Little did I know it was going to be my lucky day.

I ended up finding not one but TWO Alba Rosa pieces for decent prices! (I'll show you the top later on)

I also managed to get a My Favorite Tiara top (thank you, Shin! I'm in love with this brand now)

And finally this Chaos skirt.

I thought I was in love with just D.I.A.....but now I see what all of the obsession with Alba is. I hope to find more pieces. I really want some skirts and maybe some accessories?

Of course I'm also going to try to get my hands on some other older brands!

Wish me luck!

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