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木曜日, 9月 03, 2020

✩19 Finding My Eyeshape ✩

Hey buns!
Now that I finally got my blog all sorted out, I can finally get back into posting more. It was kind of stressful when I didn't know what was going on with my blog.But luckily it's all fixed now.

Today, I wanted to talk about eyeshapes.How you do your gal makeup is really important. Part of what makes Gyaru is the makeup. There's all sorts of gal styles and that can even influence how you do your make.

Here are some notable examples:

You can find a ton more on my Pinterest!

So after a few years of practice and looking at different gals and how they do their makeup, I think I might have found the ones I like the most.Mainly for the eyes because we are going to be wearing masks for a while and it doesn't make sense to try to do my whole face. This is fine because I really feel I needed to concentrate on my eyemake to get it better.

I have two styles that I can use for my styles for sure. I just need new bottom lashes...

For oldschool:

For Tsuyome:

I'm actually quite proud of these. It's taken a while to get here but I am happy with my new current level! I will make the Tsuyome one a bit heavier and getting new bottom lashes will most likely help with that!

What do you think?

Whould you like to comment?

  1. Yay welcome back to blogging!
    I have only just got started outlining a new post myself after I finally got a phone to borrow so I can take photos again XD

    Would you be doing a breakdown of the different eyeshapes in Gyaru? That's sort of what I thought this post was going to be about XD

    1. Thank you!!!
      Omg yay!!!!! I'm so excited to be reading again <3

      oooo that's actually a good idea! I will try to put that together for you! Sorry if I misled you xD I will work on that post! :D


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