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木曜日, 10月 22, 2020

✩27 Gal Eye Shapes✩


Today I thought we could talk about eye shapes.

Makeup, especially eye makeup, is super important to Gyaru. How you do your eyes basically completes the style you're trying to accomplish. You can generally tell what substyle it is by the clothing but it's the eyes that make it.

I mostly dress old school so these are the styles I will talk about. Let's look at some of the popular styles and list the key points that make the looks complete. 


Notes: Top and bottom lashes with thick eyeliner; Under eye highlight; Dolly-style circle lens


Notes: Top and bottom lashes; Eyeliner on top, shadow on bottom; Circle lens optional; Colorful; Casual


Notes: Both old school and new - Black ink used as eyeliner and white concealer as eyeshadow. 
Old school - Optional lashes; Gems and stickers deco; Optional eye droop.
Newer - Top and bottom lashes; Super exaggerated eye droop.


Notes: Top and bottom lashes; Thick eyeliner on top with option to go lighter on bottom; Dolly-style circle lens; Sweet


Notes: Similar to Hime only more casual and sweeter; More natural with less eyeliner and more soft shadows


Notes: Originally a more toned-down Ganguro (most likely whatever Gals could get away with in school until the end of the day); Later became typical Gal makeup used in most styles like Gyaru-kei; Lashes optional; Circle lens; Thick eyeliner


Notes: Next level of Ganguro; Thicker white makeup; Bright, colorful eyeshadow; Light to extreme panda makeup; Deco around the eyes


Notes: Top and optional bottom lashes; Top eyeliner and subtle bottom; Natural/neutral eyeshadows; Circle lens; Follows eye shape closely; Classy, older sister


Notes: Top and bottom lashes with thick eyeliner; Lots of black and brown; Circle lens; Uses sharp wing


Notes: Top and bottom lashes with thick eyeliner; Sometimes bright, colorful eyeshadows or a smokey eye look; Circle lens


Notes: Next level of Ganguro; Top and bottom lashes with thick eyeliner; Circle lens optional; Under eye highlight


Notes: Next level of Ganguro; Pastel makeup; Tiny deco around the eyes; Bright colored circle lenses

I think the photos I chose for each did a great job of representing each one and how they do their makeup. Maybe in the future I can look for actual tutorials for some of these.

What did you think? Did you enjoy this post? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. i liked the breakdown of the different styles :)
    It'd be nice to see a tutorial for each style to show how one eye shape can be altered for different gyaru styles

    1. Thank you! I can try to do that over the course of different posts! I have a bunch of magazines that have really great tutorials for different styles.

  2. Great post!
    I really wish I could do the oraora or the tsuyome eye shape but I don't have a "kakkoii face" so it looks kinda weird on me. I feel like I always end up with the Amekaji eye shape:P

    1. Thank you!
      Yeah I know what you mean. I have to try extra to get the kakkoii looks xD

  3. I love this! I got into gyaru fashion very recently because of Lizzie Bee. I had only seen ganguro and kogal in the past, neither of which fit me, but because of Lizzie I found agejo, himekaji, onee and rokku which REALLY fit me. So now I'm learning everything I can get my nooby hands on. ^_^

    1. Aw I'm glad! And there's plenty of knowledge out there! Can't wait to see the results of your research!


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