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火曜日, 11月 03, 2020

✩32 Hot Topic Gets!✩

Today, I just want to show a quick little haul.

Last week, Hubby sent me a link to Hot Topic. As I've mentioned before, he turned me into a HUGE Monster Hunter fan. I absolutely fell in love with Monster Hunter Stories in particular for OBVIOUS reasons. I try to get merch from this game anytime I can.

Rathy is just such a cute baby!

I wanted to make the shipping cost worth it so I looked around on the site to add at least one more item. I got super excited when I saw the Lilo and Stitch section and how much of it was on sale. It took me a minute but I decided on a bag.

And here they are!

The bag is a cute little sports bag from Loungefly. It's my first one from this brand. Even though it looks a bit on the smaller side, it actually holds a lot!And with Stitch as the main design, it's perfect for gal. (Catty and I made a joke that Stitch is a gal staple. So if you like Stitch, you're already 80% gal LOL)

And here is my other baby. 

I don't really collect Pop Figures and all the ones I do have were generous gifts from friends. But this was the first time I was going to get one myself.
My hubby had found a Pop Figure of Rathy!

All of the Monster Hunter monsters are chibi style. I can't wait to display them in a proper case. I am one of those collectors that leave them in their boxes XD

Hope you liked my cute haul!

Whould you like to comment?

  1. omg I LOVE monster hunter!! Met so many great people through streaming MHGU and that figure is so cute!! I love Mizutsune and cannot wait for Rise where we can get both cat AND DOG!!!!!!
    And customize them!!!
    *internal screaming*

    ahem, anyway, Loungefly has such adorable bags but OMG are they expensive! I love all their Disney bags but just cannot justify the price when I already have too many bags in those sizes

    1. I love Mizu too! And I can't wait for Rise!!!! *screams*

      I could never justify them either. But it was on sale and I love Stitch. So it was ok XD

  2. I've never seen Monster Hunter but now I really want to! Your finds are so cute! I loooove Hot Topic. <3

    1. Thank you so much! And yes, it's an awesome game series. I do recommend if you want the cuter version, find Monster Hunter Stories. If you want to play the regular games, World is out for most systems including computer and Generations Ultimate is on the Switch. Or you can wait for Rise next year! :D


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