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火曜日, 1月 12, 2021

✩43 Presents For My Face✩

Today I wanted to share with you the goodies I got for my birthday. This year I definitely want to pamper myself and take care when I can. Of course that usually means skincare but I am a total novice! I know enough to keep my face clean and remove makeup but that's about it XD

I told this to a friend at work and she was so sweet enough to get me some items from a local skincare shop. I was so moved that she listened to me and took it upon herself to get me started. Of course, I had no idea where to start and soon found out that I still needed a cleanser. And since I didn't end up getting that Loungefly bag, I figured I could treat myself to some Ulta items to go along with it.

So firstly, I'm going to show you what I bought from Ulta!

Mascara by Essence

I've heard good things about this brand! I didn't even know that Ulta carried them. So guess it's finally time to try them out!

White, Black and Yellow Eyeshadow Singles by NYX

I love NYX. I was so excited to find these because these are the colors I use most. They look promising so I am hoping they are true colors.

White Eye Shadow Primer by NYX

Because I have the L.A. Colors colorful palette, I needed a primer that would help the colors really stand out. I experimented with a chunky white pencil and the colors showed up a lot more! But using that method was also not the best....so here's hoping!

Body Wash by Pacifica

I finally started using this brand and fell in love. Everything smells so good!

Loofah by ECOTOOLS

Just time to replace my old one~

Goat Milk Moisturizing Cleanser by KS

Here is the whole point of the order! I heard goat milk is supposed to be really good and that this is a good brand to use. I only started using it just last night so I will give a quick review after a week or two.

Now on to the stuff from my friend~!

Nature Republic

I've seen the shop before but I never actually got anything from them. I'm completely new to Korean skincare and still unsure of what's cruelty-free (CF) or not. But after a ton of research and asking the company directly, I can officially say it is one of those brands that is CF!


Aloe and Argan sheets. I've used the Plumeria one by Beauty Treats so it will be really interesting to try these. I know Aloe especially is supposed to be really amazing for nearly everything skin-related.

Makeup Remover Wipes

I have used several different kinds but they're mostly drugstore brands. This will be the first time that I will be using a different kind. When I finish my current pack, I will let you all know how it goes!

Bulgarian Rose Set

This is such a gorgeous set! And it smells amazing! It comes with a face mask, toner, emulsion and essence. Thank god for friends because I would have been so lost on how to use these. 

Hydrogel by Honest Beauty

There was also another skincare item and I had no idea it was Jessica Alba's brand. It's also CF! It's actually an amazing product so far and my skin feels so nice~ 

And because she knows me so well, she also threw in a couple of cute hair accessories! The star one actually lights up too~

I am really happy that my friend really was attentive like that. I am so appreciative and grateful! So if you're reading this, thank you for being an awesome friend! Love youuuuu~

If anyone is interested in a future review of these, please let me know in the comments! 

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  1. ooooh that's so nice of your friend!!
    And I loved this post, I love skincare smXDD<3

    This mascara is really good! I had it too and now I have another one by essence that I wanted to try but the Princess lash series is really the best one! Let us know if you like it too^^

    And also ALOEEEEE my favorite type of facemasks!!! Especially on summer but tbh, always:D
    I find skincare a really good way to feel good about myself, It's hard to explain, But it's almost like therapy sometimes

    1. I'm so glad you like it!!!!

      I love it so far! It goes on really nice and is actually a good quality black!

      Definitely a good way to look at it. Aloe is supposed to be soothing and cooling so I appreciate the masks a lot!

  2. Ooooh yesss I love skincare posts so much!!!!! Can definitely say that Aloe sheet masks are really really good for your skin so I can't wait to hear about your experience with them!


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