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日曜日, 1月 31, 2021

✩46 Skincare Review✩

Cutie Kanako-chan for you!

As promised, I wrote a review on the products that I got as gifts for my birthday. I gave it enough time so that not only I could give you guys a review but to thoroughly test them. And as I said in my gets post, I never used some of these brands before and really had no idea how it would affect my skin.

Unfortunately, I have mixed skin where it's dry around the center (so like my nose area) and oily around the outer parts. I'm not hoping for a miracle product but it would be nice to get some kind of routine going to take care of my skin. 

For my actual routine, I wash my face twice a day - in the morning and at night. For that, I use my Goat Milk Moisturizing Cleanser by KS. All it takes is a little bit of product and half a minute of washing your face with it. I have to say, before putting any other product on, I feel like it dries out my face just a little bit. 

It was suggested to me to get this kind of product for my skin but I wonder if there could be something better out there. I'm so used to cleansers that actually tingle or have some sort of citrus in them that actually make me feel like they're doing something. I don't hate this product but I feel like it's drying my face more than anything. Does anyone else have this happen or am I just using the wrong one?

But if I had to grade it, I would probably do 3/5.
It gets the job done but again, it just feels like I got the wrong one for my skin. The price also wasn't as bad as it could be.

For the next step in the morning only, after I rinse and dry my face, I move onto my e.l.f. Illuminating Eye Cream. I always worry about my under eye area even if I'm just at home so I decided to pick this one up recently. I can actually see a little bit of a difference and don't have a mess under my eyes. This cream is part of their skin care line and costs a little more than their normal stuff but it doesn't break the bank.

I would give this 4/5.
I have used e.l.f. products before and they're not terrible. I mostly go for their brushes now. But it seems they are slowly stepping up their game with their newer lines. So I'm not disappointed.

For my nighttime regime, I skip the illuminating cream and just go right into my Korean skincare from the brand Nature Republic.

It took me a while to learn exactly the order of how I'm supposed to use everything. What I learned is that everything starts with washing my face with a cleanser. Then after, I have the option of using a face mask. (I've already used up the rose one and one of the aloe sheets) And then I go into the bottles.

I use the toner then the essence and finally the emulsion. This set smells so good - just like roses! Nothing is sticky or feels gross. Definitely gentle~ It helps my skin feel like it wasn't dry like moments ago from my cleanser.

I give it 4/5.
I just don't know if it is supposed to do anything special? Again, I am new to Korean skincare so I really don't know what to expect. I definitely glow afterward and even refreshed but that's all I have noticed.

After it all seeps in, I put on another kind of cream on my forehead, under eye and mouth areas. But this one is from Burt's Bees. I have used this brand before and I actually like how well the products work. It was a while before I noticed any changes but it does work even a little bit. 

I would still give this a 4/5.
As I said, I'm not looking for any miracle products that work instantly and perfectly. But this is a good brand and there's no oily residue. And if you're sensitive to strong smells, you don't have to worry about it with this one!

And finally, I seal it all in with this Honest Beauty Hydrogel Cream. I don't know if it's overkill with this but I do love how my skin feels after using it. It feels so soft and plump (in a good way).

I give this one 4.5/5.

So overall, not bad for these products other than the cleanser. If anyone has any advice for something on mixed skin, then I would be so grateful! And as you all know, I only use cruelty-free and if possible - vegan. And these all fit at least one of those categories!

Let me know if you liked this review!

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  1. That's are some cute products. I have oily skin and tbh...I don't cleanse it at all. I just wash it with water. Then I use toner, pore minimizing serum, cream and eye roll-on. That's it. I only clean my skin with peeling and facemask when my skin needs it. Maybe once a week. And it works perfectly for me, No overgreasy skin anymore.

    1. That's amazing! Does your skin ever get dry in winter? Cause that's the part that's really killing me XD And what is eye roll-on and peeling? I feel like I would like to see a blogpost on your routine!


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