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金曜日, 2月 19, 2021

✩51 Pokémon Happy Meal and....Secret Post?✩

2021 is the 25th anniversary of Pokémon! I love it but I'm not as obsessed as a lot of people I know, including my fiancé XD I started with Red and quit for a long time. Then when X and Y came out, hubs got me back into it and have been playing since then! 

I have to admit that I didn't think I would be playing as long as I have. But when you share the same loves as someone, it kinda' becomes one of your favorite things too XD But it also looks like scalping has become an issue with Pokémon as well, unfortunately.

Part of the 25th anniversary celebration, Pokémon is teaming up with a lot of different companies and brands. One of those being fast food places like McDonald's! 

I know, it's for a Happy Meal. But I still appreciate a good item like this!

Here are all of the possible Pokémon items you could get~

Every Happy Meal comes with one of these, a Pikachu box and a pack of four TCG cards. Unless you were unlucky and they were sold out.

I wanted to see what I had a chance of getting. Of course, I really hoped for anything with the cute little Scorbunny. But I decided I would be happy with anything that I got. 

You could actually punch out parts of the box and give your Happy Meal some Pikachu ears. It's really cute!

I ended up getting this frame(?) of Pikachu. I don't know if it's a card display or just a photo frame. Either way, I actually kind of like it. It's a little more practical than the other items. But anyway...

The cards I got were....

That's pretty cool. I was definitely hoping for one of the original gen starters if I had a preference for any. It's just funny that three out of the four cards are turtles! And you're always guaranteed one shiny card! It would have been nice if I didn't get two of the same but oh well. It's the chance you take with packs and blind bags. At least I can say I actually was able to get one. Especially since Pokémon stuff is sold out in most places...

Do you like Pokémon? Were you able to get the Happy Meal? Let me know in the comments what are your favorite Pokémon and if you got the cards, which ones!

Also have a sneak peek for you all! Just got a mail delivered~
Can't wait to show you all next time!

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  1. That is adorable!!!!
    I live above a McD and never bother looking at what they have to be honest XD The last time I actually stopped in to look the happy meal "toy" was a book. There were a few varieties you can get, and they MIGHT have been in English for children to learn? But maybe not. I don't remember

    The paper box is so cute though! If it's sturdy enough maybe you could use it as home storage :P

    The Pikachu looks like a card case to me. Maybe you could laminate it to give it strength and use it for a bus card or something similar ^u^

    Nice to see the TCG is picking up again with a younger generation! I cannot play "collectible" games because of the cost, unfortunately, but I enjoy seeing others!

    1. Awww that's so cute! I would have loved something like that!

      Yeah unfortunately the box is pretty much useless after you punch out the ears lol

      Yeah, I think it is supposed to be a card case now that you mention it. And that's a great idea!

      lol I can't do TCG cause of the stress and I don't know how to play. The only person I can play against is my fiancé and he is too good at it XD

  2. I LOVE POKéMON! I actually just started playing Pokémon Fire Red on my phone, because I never had the chance to growing up! I do also have Shield, however. I enjoy both! Plus the anime! This is so kawaii. I love McDonald's Happy Meals but had no idea this was the current toy collection. :o I really want!

    1. You should get it if you can!!! Hopefully they're not sold out where you are <3

  3. I wish restaurants were already normally open T_T I would love to get a HM! 🌸

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