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金曜日, 2月 26, 2021

✩53 TRALALA Winter 2010✩

Last time I announced that I got a huge gal magazine haul! Click here to read!

Many of you have requested a look inside of these. Of course, I will oblige. But not all at once though  I know winter is just about over but one of my favorite old brands had some really cute pieces. Today, I wanted to take a look at the winter previews for TRALALA of 2010!

Apparently there was a "2010 Winter" Collection and a "2010 Premium Winter" Collection. I didn't totally understand what made one of them premium except it was a book with fewer pages. If anyone knows, then please tell me in the comments!

The cover of the "2010 Winter Collection" is simple but adorable. If I had a collection like that, I would probably display them all the time too XD I'm also in love with that coat~

This top, skirt and boots combo is to die for. I used to love corset-like tops with ribbons a lot. This brand is just so fun!

Now we have all white coords with a hint of black. That sweater dress is everything! I wouldn't mind getting this one. I have one LL sweater dress from an old fukubukuro but it's super simple compared to this one. Also...those earmuffs??? Yes pls???

This style is absolutely to die for. I am not a huge fan of plaid but this one works. The shapes of this coat and that polka-dot blouse are what I miss in fashion. I love prints but sometimes the cuts need to be interesting too!

Super cute and playful looks on this spread. I really love how these teeter between almost dressy and casual. I wouldn't mind owning some of these pieces~

Coats! Coats! Coats! 
I'm so used to dressy coats from a lot of Jfashion but this is a nice surprise. Peacoats are one of my favorite styles. And that army coat looks like something Georgie would like!

This coord is absolutely adorable. I love how it's mostly black but then you have those pops of color that really stand out. Not to mention, I am in love with those OTK boots. I'm also gonna' go ahead and guess that bag is a makeup bag?

Look how much LL had!!! And remember when ameblo blogs were the must have platform? I am also curious about LL Duo. I'm going to have to look it up~

And finally the back cover. The model, Rin, is replaced with the staff listing. Otherwise, it's just the same as the front.

Now we're going to take a look at the "2010 Premium Winter" Collection! This will be a few pages shorter but it will be the same model, Rin. Let's take a look~

The cover is a bit more holiday with the gift boxes and decorations. This time we see Rin wearing the matching top to the skirt from the other booklet. I love that the skirt is so versatile that you can wear it with almost anything besides the actual matching top.

Seeing this spread makes me think that this booklet is showing the pieces in detail rather than just snapshots. You can see the coordinates properly and can really tell how everything works together. I really like those frilly shorts!

This time we see the babydoll-style dress in red. I think I like it a lot better. Having the jackets on the model also help show the length of each coat. I tend to prefer longer for when I wear skirts in winter XD

The long coat on the left is so cute and looks like it has a good length. I think the fuzzy collar might be detachable since her coat is open while it's still tied off. 

Really loving the coord on the right. It would be so perfect on a snowy day. I never owned a LL coat before so I have no idea if it would actually be warm enough. But it's still super cute!

Here you can see the cute sets and OPs that were used in most of the spreads. The top right one is really cute and perfect for the holidays. I wouldn't mind using it in a Christmas coord!

And finally the back page. This time it's just the shop list and staff. There was also no mention of the novelties.

I do love the overall look of the Premium one but I think the first one had a lot more to offer. Either way, they were more or less the same items with Rin as the model. I wouldn't have minded getting some of these had I been into gal back then. 

Did you enjoy these? What are your favorite looks? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I am slowly falling in love with tralala! i have seen that pink cardigan being sold...I will probably get it *.*

    1. Isn't it great?! I think depending on some of the pieces could work really well for certain styles~
      Oooooo where have you seen it sold?

  2. I LOVE the plaid skirts/tops coords!!! They look sweet but rock at the same time without being too "bad girl" style (though obvs I love that too XD haha)
    Gives good ideas for those pieces!! Now if only I can find a plaid mini that doesn't show my fat butt when I try to move T^T

    Thanks for sharing these!! So nice. Will you be recreating any of these styles for future IRL coords?

    1. I know right?! Love that combo! And yeahhhh I have the same issue too with some skirts lolol. It's why I adore sukapans!

      I will try to if I find at least similar things!

  3. I'm in love with the plaid ( ◡‿◡ *)~ My favorite is the coord on the 4th page, plaid dress/coat, knee high boots and curly bun. I love how tralala makes such casually cute items. Like when I wear my plaid or flannel, I'm all "I'm not trying today but I'm here" xD So, I love that they can make the print look cutesy even without using colors like pink.

    Gosh so many of these coords are cute tho! This is great inspo for winter looks!!
    - Amiman♥

    1. Yesss good choices!!!♥ Glad you enjoyed this!

  4. God my Tralala boom is getting worst everyday and this feeds it even more!XDDD
    I loved the premium one so much! And in general- all the monochrome and the red plaid! I really like the combo of the red plaid with white lately! Thank you for this post!<3

    1. lolol! I'm glad you enjoyed it! ♥
      Omg yessss I love these combos!


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