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日曜日, 3月 28, 2021

☆59 My Gal Journey☆

Saw a couple of posts like this and decided to try! As some of you know, I've at least been interested in Gyaru since 2013. But I didn't start actually participating and dressing up until 2015. It was pretty bad...and I feel embarrassed to show a lot of these. But I feel it's definitely important to show others that we all start somewhere.


I knew at least the basics from reading blogs. Unfortunately, I lacked a lot of experience with makeup because I didn't really wear it before getting into Jfashion. And dressing up in Lolita was rare since I only dressed up for anime cons. And yes, because of that, my makeup and lashes were nowhere where they needed to be for gal.


In these early years, I didn't like to take selfies and it was super rare if you did see me post one. This time, I experimented a little more and gained a little confidence. Of course, since I was originally a Lolita, I gravitated towards Himekaji and bought my first few brand pieces.


The year I debuted as a Gyaru. I actually felt more comfortable in how I did my make and coords. Enough so that I went out all dressed up more often. I also attended a local anime con where I even got to also use a Cyperous wig which I got from a friend!


I dove deep into gyaru and pushed the bar for myself. I experimented more with my make and hair, shopped for all of the essentials including lashes and clothing. My whole being transformed and became more synonymous with gyaru. I didn't have a separate gal wardrobe anymore. I became gal.


I started following more gals from around the world and did a lot of research with magazines and youtube tutorials. I even got into more substyles after having gone from Himekaji to pure Tsuyome. 


Biggest transformation in a long time. I cut my hair and suddenly grew a strong passion for Amekaji. I was so inspired by gals in the style, especially Kanako. I still loved the other styles but this one really started calling my name and I couldn't ignore it anymore.


Most current photos of my journey. Amekaji and Haady are the way for me right now. Even my blog reflects that XD I feel like I reached a whole new level where I'm actually happy. 

And that's my journey so far! It took a while but I think I'm happy with the gal I've become. And now that I think about it, it really was worth it all. I made so many mistakes and got frustrated a few times but I never stopped. What was your journey like?

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  1. I love your last looks! they are like a perf haady gal <3

  2. Oh cute! I like seeing the style transformations :)
    Himekaji still my favorite style, but that's probably because I am still mainly into Lolita
    I really like seeing how you changed many different looks!!

  3. Awh I love your journey! It's really nice because we can see how much more confident you became as you got more and more into gyaru <3333 Haady and amekaji suits you so well!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm super happy now ^o^

  4. I love seeing your journey, I was the same I didn't really wear make up properly before getting into gal so my younger years in gal were interesting haha. I love your amekaji style so perf!

  5. TYSM for sharing with us! I think you improved so quickly from one year to another♥ I reaaally love how you look with shorter hair! Also, it's so refreshing seeing amekaji and Haady gals today♥

    1. That means so much to me!!!! Thank youuuuu♥

  6. Your makeup is the cutest! Love this article. You made a great progress 🌸

    Blog de la Licorne *

  7. Aaahh 2016 that's my girl!!! That's around the time I met you \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ 2017 I was shook by the style change! Honestly you rock every style ♥ Absolutely love how happy you are / look / feel. What a lovely journey~~
    - Amiman♥

    1. Omgggg that's right!♥ Wahhhh thank you so much ToT


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