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月曜日, 4月 12, 2021

☆61 Gyaru Card☆

Some of you might know already if you follow my Twitter - I had to replace my ethernet cable.So until that gets replaced, I will have to hold off on my next magazine post. But until then, our dear Leia made a gal meme! Here is mine~ 

Your Nickname/Gyaru/Blogger name:
Birthday: Jan 5
Zodiac Sign/Blood Type: Capricorn/O+
Your Style: Mostly Amekaji, Tsuyome and Haady with a little Himekaji and Manba.
Fav Style: Amekaji!
Fav Era/Year: late90s/early 2000s 

Top 5 Jap Gyaru models:
1. Kanako
She is the main reason I really dove into Amekaji and Haady. She is just so cute and colorful. I adore everything about her. Kanako is a huge inspiration for so many different styles, including if you wanted to go more tomboyish.

2. Yumachi
I love her style so much. Mainly her hair! Seeing her photos, especially with Aina really pulled me back into Tsuyome. I want my long hair back so I can try to get my hair as big as hers XD

3. Yun
Yun was one of the first models that heavily inspired me when I first got into gal. Her make was always perfect and her coords were top tier. Just about every single D.I.A. item I saw on this girl immediately got added to my wishlist. One of these days I really have to post that XD

4. Kaa-tan
One of the OG models. She may not look like this anymore but she was a huge inspo for me when it came to summer looks. I tried to get Alba Rosa items because of her. Her use of that brand along with her colorful hair always made me smile.

5. Aina
Can't have Yumachi without Aina! Another fierce gal that I wish I could find more photos of. Whenever I wanted ideas for Tsuyome looks, I turned to her. She also always made me want this color for my hair (see photo below).

Fav Magazine:
EGG, so far, is the biggest part of my Jfashion collection. I am aiming to get as many as I can, including the elusive first issue. But until I find it, I'm aiming for more 90s issues and of course Kanako covers~

1. Blue Moon Blue

2. D.I.A.

3. JSG


5. Liz Lisa Doll

Top 5 Inspo Coords:
These are just a few!

Top 5 Your Coords:
Sorry I take mostly selfies so I don't have many coords to choose from XD I promise I'll fix that!

Check out the original blog post!

Top 5 Fashion/Must-Have Items:
1. Boots

2. Belts 

3. Platforms

4. Fun bags

5. Flowy tops

Top 5 Gyaru Goals:
1. Grow out my hair (again)
2. Get more items from my wishlist
3. Dress up more often
4. Blog more
5. Find more from my favorite brands
Top 5 Gyaru Achievements:
1. I am comfortable and confident doing make and coords for Tsuyome and Amekaji.
2. I have gotten quite a few wishlist items that I never thought I would find.
3. Made an Amekaji-appropriate blog theme.
4. I have one wardrobe - no separation of gal clothes and normie clothes.
5. Collection of older EGG magazines is decent so far!

Last 5 Gyaru gets:

Check out the original blog post!

5 items from your Gyaru Wishlist:

Suggestions for a beginner gyaru:
 Just going to be totally honest here. Gyaru love to help those that are new to the lifestyle and will answer a lot of questions. But please put in the work. You can't just look at one photo, throw on some makeup and fashion styles you found on Tiktok and call it Gyaru. Please actually do the research and put in effort. And when someone gives you concrit, do your best to not take offense and practice. If at all possible - avoid using the gyaru hashtag if it's not actually gyaru.

That's all for mine! If you want to try it, be sure to check out Leia's post. She has a code for easy use!

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  1. Oh I LOVE the heart heels!! I remember sandal versions of those being really popular

    So many of those coords are so lovely too. I feel they would also be better for daily wear than full Lolita all the time so I may want to even try some of those out XD Some of my fairy-kei type pieces may do ok for the amekaji styles you posted! mostly need shoes inspiration though @_@

    1. Yesss!!!!I wish they still made all of them ;_; I think the most I can do is find replicas now.
      Omg yes!!! If you alter some of the things, it could totally work for daily Lolita~ oooo shoes inspo? I wonder if I could help with that~

  2. I love this post <3 yes Kanako and Yun are so inspiring!

    1. Thank you!!!! Yessss I love them both ;_;

  3. Ahh I love this post!! So many inspo pics 😍 and omg I love your coords! I always forgot to take pics too 🤣
    Anyway thanks for joining the challenge! I can't wait for your next post!

    1. Thank you so much for making this challenge! It was fun~

  4. I love this post idea! I might take on it as well and do it for my blog ♥
    I love you in that floral long skirt!
    PS: I really appreciate seeing more gals that have equal love for different currents of gyaru ♥

    1. You should! I would love to see yours~
      Wahhhhh thank you!♥

  5. I totally agree with your last words...it's getting so exhausting

  6. I'd kill to fit in one of those d.i.a mise-bras!!! T_T
    I'm super tempted to do the gyaru card as well, and get into those daily gyaru blogging challenges or something *3*

    1. You shoullldddddd!!!!! It was actually fun and really made me think about it all XD


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