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日曜日, 5月 23, 2021

☆68 More Gal Mags!☆

こんにちは💟 きーりです!

I swear I don't have a condition!

These last few weeks have been pretty tough and thought I should do a little retail therapy. I didn't want clothing this time but I saw a lot of other gals were showing off their recent magazine additions. So of course that inspired me to get some issues as well!

I searched for EGG but didn't really see many I wanted. So I chose to get just one older one. Hoping to get closer to my goal of somehow getting the first issue! The rest of the issues that I got, however, are all Ranzuki and Popteen. I am definitely in love with all the early 2000s issues and I'm doing my best to collect a lot of them! They're especially great inspo for me being a Haady and Amekaji gal now.

Are there any that you wanna' look into? I know I'm definitely going to go through at least a couple of the Suzu and Tsubasa ones here on my blog and Pinterest!

Whould you like to comment?

  1. Omgggg we have the same Popteen issues *3* Let me know when you flick through them and we can fangirl together tehehehe <3333 I'd love to have a look at that Ranzuki one right at the front!

  2. I plan on getting more popteens as well...but currently I am more into ageha and searching for hime mags...I still got tons of ageha mags that I will post about :)


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