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木曜日, 12月 31, 2020


I honestly did not think I would receive as many gifts as I did this year. 2020 was a crazy time for most of us so I wasn't even in the right frame of mind for a lot of it. But towards the end, I did my best and that is all I could do.

And then my friends came through again. 

As I said in my last Christmas post, I had a couple of gifts coming to me. They finally did and I was totally surprised!

My sweet friend, Lilac sent me another nostalgia bomb. And I'm loving it!

This time she included a big! Carebear along with a smaller one and a gorgeous My Little Pony. There was also a mini MLP comic and three coloring/activity books. It felt like I was a kid on Christmas again ♥

I also received a mysterious package from my bro Bushando64. I was so confused until he said the box was from him because it was a box from the Pokemon Center!

Inside was a special Pokemon Center Holiday exclusive of Alcremie and my own copy of Let's Go! Eevee. This was such a surprise, I just kept saying "Bruh" XD

I could be having the worst time and my friends just know how to help me get through it. These acts of kindness and compassion are what get me through the day. I am so touched and grateful to have such wonderful and caring people in my life. And I appreciate every single one of them. So thank you all. And thank you readers for always supporting my work. I am going to work harder in the new coming year. And I hope you do the same!

I know this post turned out way sappier than usual, but I truly appreciate every one of you. You guys keep me going. 

May everyone be blessed and stay safe.
And may you all find what you need in 2021.

日曜日, 12月 27, 2020


Recently, I've been digging through all of my gal magazines for Amekaji inspo. I came across the May 2011 issue of EGG and needless to say, I have unknowingly always been a fan of Kanako. I just noticed that A LOT of the issues I own have her in it. What can I say? She's adorable and I love her in all of the styles she's done!

Here are some of my favorite inspo pics for Amekaji and more. So feel free to have a look around to see what inspires you!

I actually think it was seeing Kanako with platform sneakers that made me hunt for a pair years ago. I managed to find a pink pair and they were great. I kinda miss them...

I really want cute and ruffly skirts now ;_;

These layered, off the shoulder tops mixed with flare style jeans were always goals for me. TBH, this style is one of my favorites that gal had. These gals also make me wish my hair grew faster XD

OTK boots and shorts? Yes, please.

I would actually love to do this kind of split hair color.

That's a very cute way to use a blouse!

Also loving that splash of pink!

Stars are my weakness. I would love to find this cardigan too~

This is also another favorite look of mine! Those hats! I want a collection of them~

These are perfect looks.

These nails are actually really cute. I love how the colors work together.

Such cute styles for cooler weather. I wish NY didn't go from summer to winter so fast...but it might be different in AZ!

The bright color blocks are so eyecatching!

The only way I would wear leggings outside. Under a long shirt or skirt!

The hair!

This is a super cute look!

So glad to have that inner yellow top~!

Remember when graphic stockings were in?

I actually need to try this. I have similar pieces. 

This issue also had a mini "revival" of Manba~
And oh man..that red dress on the bottom right. Every time I see it, I cry... $$$$

Why is she so damn cute?

Best era of Liz Lisa IMO.

I am half tempted to get these colors for my hair.

For a few issues during this era of gal, JK gals were super popular!

Super cute!

I love that denim co*de on the right~

Absolutely gorgeous!

So what did you all think? Got any good inspo?

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