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火曜日, 6月 30, 2020

I know I said on my SNS that I was going to quit blogging. And I did. For a little while XD

But catching up on blog posts I read from my Bloglovin' feed, I decided that I missed it too much. I cancelled my WP subscription. I'm not deleting it but I decided that if I am gonna' keep paying for anything, it's going to be for my shop. 

So, we are back here on a free Blogger. In a way it's better because while I do love the cleanliness of WP, I felt too pressured to be the perfect professional blogger rather than just a Gal posting about whatever. I'm going to be a little more laid back with this blog. And I'm not sure about a posting schedule yet but I do hope to have a bit going on here. Maybe a few EGG uploads. Maybe more looks? I'll also try to do my Gal News as well! Who knows just yet! But it does feel good to be back to blogging.

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