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火曜日, 7月 21, 2020

✩10 Current Gal Inspo✩

I'm gonna' be honest.
I don't know a lot names when it comes to gal models. I see so many gal bloggers and on Insta mention this gal and that one....but I hardly know the face to match the name.

I can look at an old EGG issue and show you who I like and who really inspires me when it's not Kaa-tan or Yun. But when names are mentioned, I'm completely lost! Does that make me a bad gal? I hope not since all of the gals I look up to are from the old eras.

Sooooooo many cute looks! And I don't even care that they are super old. I'm one of those oldschool gals. And I know people out there are like "It's such an old style why do you wanna dress like that? Don't you want to be modern?". I feel like fashion and how you want to look doesn't have an age limit. You can dress however you want as long as it makes you happy. I choose styles like these and that's what I like. I used to read a blog by a Lolita that was in her 40s with a family and even her daughter loved to get into it. You're only as old as you feel in a life that you make. So why not make it the best?

Hopefully with the new haircut, I will be able to pull off some of these looks!

Also if anyone knows who any of these gals are, please let me know!

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