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火曜日, 7月 28, 2020

✩12 Quarantine Is Over But...✩

I don't know if every place has lifted all of the restrictions but in NYC, we are still barely opening up things. Granted, it's been proudly announced that we have had 0 new deaths. But unfortunately a lot of things are still very much closed or limited.

...In all honesty, I'm perfectly fine with this though.
All it means for me is imagining what I will be doing when things are doable again. So I wanted to share my top 5 dream days!

1. Gyaru Day out

Going out for good food and drinks, finding kawaii shops and just being out in full gal (just myself or group of us). I miss this so much. Even just the kawaii shops are still shut. I just hope they don't go out of business.

2. 109 Degrees Meet

We all need and deserve this. Quarantine protected us but we didn't get to have our big meet yet. :( But I'm really looking forward to the day that we can! ♥

3. Meeting Cattea

We've been talking a while about this. And we're actually not that far from each other! So it needs to happen!

4. Meeting Ami-chan

Another meeting that has been in talks for a while! I would die happy!

5. Beach Day

I miss the beach! I've never gone to just tan in gal makeup. But it would be fun for photos and it could really be like a GALS! beach episode!

Is there something that you dream about doing when it's possible?

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