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金曜日, 7月 31, 2020

✩13 A Little Food Haul✩

I literally woke up just over an hour ago from a nap.  I had an early shift today and crashed when I got home even though I got a full night's sleep. BUT it's payday so I wanted to take advantage by getting a few goodies at my local Japanese shop. I spoke about it on previous blogs and it's one of my favorite places to shop at. In case you don't remember those posts or know about it, it's called Teso Life!

They specialize in all sorts of Japanese goods. You can find beauty/makeup, storage, food and even house goods! Of course everything is cute but also in Japanese. On the food, they have english labels but they can only fit so much on them. Definitely helps if you know Japanese or at least have Google Translate.

Anyway, I wanted to show you the food goodies I got today!

Most of this stuff I already tried before and others are brand new for me. 
I live on Meiji Black and the Calbee Honey Butter chips. They're my favorite! 
The Milk Baum is like a mille crepe cake but in a roll shape and isn't too sweet but it's nice and filling for a snack. 
Yakisoba was a quick lunch that I've eaten before. 
The taiyaki was pretty good. 
I really like the Crisp Choco a lot because it reminds me of cocoa pebbles cereal. 
The kit kats are just milk and white chocolate. 
And finally the other set of chips are pretty good. They have a range of flavors but I have no idea what flavor it's actually called XD 
I plan to have the two buns in the packages for breakfast.

On another note, I also went and colored my hair! Was waiting for a wash day and finally decided to do it. It's not as light in some spots as I wanted it to be but it still looks nice. And since I had to wash my hair and was feeling a little lazy, I didn't straighten. But even though it looks a little wild, it actually reminded me of Ran Kotobuki from GALS!

Am I Ran yet?

So I feel a little closer to my oldschool gal status. Especially when I get the few items I just ordered! I can't wait to show you!

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