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日曜日, 7月 19, 2020

✩9 Got My Haircut!✩

Just like the title says!

I finally got my haircut! It's only been about....mmmm...maybe 2 years? Last year, I decided I was going to grow out my hair. Because I wanted to become a "true gal" like Ao-chan. Most gals have long hair, whether it's natural or extensions/wig. And then quarantine happened. So that pushed it back even further.

I think it's safe to say it was pretty long when I could do a high ponytail and it still reached past my shoulders! I honestly hadn't had it this long since I was a kid. But things happen sometimes and you just gotta' go with the flow.

Here it is! I ended up going with a style like Yuna's because it's so easy and light. 

I really do feel like I lost about 30lbs. I wish I was able to grab a photo of all the hair my hairdresser cut out but they cleaned it so fast!

Eventually I'm thinking about getting it colored too. But we will see what color and when that will happen.

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