✩14 EGG Vol. 41 Nov.1999✩

Aug 2, 2020

Hope everyone is doing great!
Today I wanted to share another EGG issue from my collection. It's my next oldest issue from 1999.

Some notes about this issue:
💁  Ganguro is still very much a popular style
💣 Some images come off as questionable so I will leave out certain parts (if you really would like the full page/image please send me a message!)
💗 Lots of blonde!
💄 Makeup is still mostly sans falsies and lots of white under eyes and on lips
👢 Lots and lots of platforms
☮ 60s Go🠖Go style

As usual, I will show a few here with the rest being on my Pinterest.

Here is the board to the rest! Let me know if you want to see more of my old issues!

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