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日曜日, 9月 06, 2020

✩20 Halloween Already Started✩


Hey buns!

Yes, I said it. Halloween has already started for me.It is my favorite holiday after Easter (for obvious reasons). It's also already in the stores as decor, costumes and crafts. 

Please excuse the terrible photo and makeup!

I don't know if I'll be working yet on the day of so I'm not sure if I will dress up. I may just use my birb kigu that I got a few years ago cause they double as pajamas!

The year I got it was also my very first attempt at Kigurumin. And looking back on it, I know it was not my best. I tried to imitate the gals in old EGG issues but it was kind of a fail.

Last year, I saw some really cute and easy makeup for a leopard. And since I have a ton of animal prints from D.I.A., it was a quick and easy costume for me. I picked up some cute kitty ears from Daiso, too! The makeup was a little more refined so it felt like a better attempt was accomplished. It was a lot of fun painting my face with face glitter makeup.

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Happy Galloween! Hope everyone had a great time yesterday! Here was my look. Swipe to see details. I wrote a blog post about it. Bunnycraftydream.com⁣⁣ 💕⁣ Top: @dia_spec ⁣⁣ ✨Positive Vibes Only✨ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ 💕 ⁣ 🌺bunnycraftydream.com🌺 (link in bio) ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ☆*:.。. o🌺o .。.:*☆⁣ #tsuyome #diaspec #kurogyaru #Gyaru #gaijingyaru #gyarustyle #westerngal #gyarumakeup #Gyarufashion #kawaiifashion #kawaiilifestyle #kawaiiaccessories #gal #kawaii #jfashion #gaijingal #pastel #gyarublogger #tokyofashion #ギャルファッション #かわいい #可愛い #ギャル #外人ギャル #パステル #カワイイ #ガーリー #メイク⁣ ☆*:.。. o🌺o .。.:*☆

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This year, though, with the way things are going, I may just ask for off that day and stay home in my birb kigu. As a kid, I loved watching all the cheesy and cute movies and cartoons, mostly from Disney.

I hope they plan to add a lot of this stuff to Disney+. It's okay watching the Freeform "31 Nights of Halloween" but they repeat A LOT of the same movies and shows throughout the whole thing.And it looks like this year, they finally listened to past complaints about the overdose of Hocus Pocus. I don't think I saw their usual marathon of it for this year's actual holiday! I love the movie but I saw it forever ago when it was new and I'm not the type of person to watch something 1,000 times.

Anyway, I'm just going to end it here before I make an even longer rant XD

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