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水曜日, 9月 23, 2020

✩23 My Current Home Screen ✩

 Hey Buns!
Hope all is going well.

I'm sure everyone has seen this by now but iPhone had a recent update. One that Android users are already used to. We are now allowed to fully customize our phones using widgets and how the apps themselves look. I used to be an Android user until my hubby found a good deal for iPhones. 

He was already using them before so it was no big issue for him. And since I also rather save money, I decided to make the switch. So I did miss a lot of the customization that Android allowed. But it's finally a thing for Apple owners!

Lots of Apple owners have been sharing their inspiration, tutorials and ideas online. Some of them are pretty cute!  I like to keep most of my apps in organized folders so I'm still trying to set it all up properly. So here is my first one!

I know not much to it. But it works for me. I hope there will be more apps in the future that will allow me to do more. A lot of the apps I see want you to pay for more app customizations... which I don't feel like paying for right now. So who knows!

Do you have a cool or cute layout for your phone? Let me know in the comments!

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