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水曜日, 12月 09, 2020

✩34 Finally Back!✩

Wow! I can't believe my last post was forever ago. I am SO sorry for the silence. A lot of things happened. 

1. I found out my store is closing and am losing my job. And quite honestly, I am done with the company so I will not be looking to transfer to other locations. Especially seeing as how they can only take so many people...

2. I have found my new boom.
Oldschool Amekaji.

When I finally post my haul, I will go into a little more detail about it.

3. Lost a family member.💔

4. Worked on Papillon's Winter Issue.

5. Ongoing co-stream with friends for Kingdom Hearts 2 on my bro Bushando64's Twitch channel. He has a really great channel and you guys should check it out if you love old games! Our KH2 specific stream goes live every Friday evening!♥

6. I found part-time work that pays. So it's not all terrible.

Aaaaaaaand...yeah I don't really remember if there was more than that. I feel like everything has been mushed together and I'm only just getting some breathing room. But as you can see, 2020 does not want to go quietly. I'm just hoping to survive. 

I hope everyone's days have been better!

That's all I can try to type out now. Hope to come back again soon with another post.

Whould you like to comment?

  1. really sorry to hear about your job and family :/ i hope things begin to get a better for you and everyone else

    this year has really put us through the ringer

    1. Thank you so much <3
      Yeah, this year really sucked. I hope it ends well for you too♥

  2. Oh no hoping the best for you!!!
    Good thing you have found a part-time job at least. Sometimes one thing ending can be good, especially if it was not a good work environment.

    I'm very interested to see more about oldschool Amekaji!

    Do you have your own Twitch channel? I just ordered wires to try and get my new PC up and running to get back to streaming. If you have your own Twitch channel what games do you play? :3

    1. Thank you ♥
      Oh don't worry! You definitely will see more!
      I do not have an actual channel. I just made one to support my friends. I also mod for one of them so I'm learning it as much as I can! I can never have my own channel. I feel so awkward talking/being in front of a camera unless it's for pics. XD You have a channel?!


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