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木曜日, 6月 17, 2021

こんにちは💟 きーりです!

It's time for another challenge! I really miss doing these. 

This time, I am using another one by sweet Natsumi! As you'll recall, I tried her previous Gal card on an earlier post. This time, she has presented us with another fun challenge. And she made it easily doable for everyone even if you're like me and don't go out a lot anymore!

土曜日, 6月 05, 2021

こんにちは💟 きーりです!

This is going to be a full Kanako appreciation post.

月曜日, 5月 31, 2021

こんにちは💟 きーりです!

We hit the halfway mark to Halloween! And you know what that means~

水曜日, 5月 26, 2021

こんにちは💟 きーりです!

I am usually not one for mood boards. But our dear Samii made a summer gal one and I just had to. I use Pinterest and mostly use it to repost stuff from my blog and the once in a while time to pin from others. But that's really the extent of my mood boards 

日曜日, 5月 23, 2021

こんにちは💟 きーりです!

I swear I don't have a condition!

These last few weeks have been pretty tough and thought I should do a little retail therapy. I didn't want clothing this time but I saw a lot of other gals were showing off their recent magazine additions. So of course that inspired me to get some issues as well!

水曜日, 5月 12, 2021

こんにちは💟 きーりです!
A couple of days ago, we decided to go out and run some errands. It's been a while since I left the house so of course I dressed up cute. I know I don't have to wear makeup but it made me feel good! Even my make came out really well!
木曜日, 5月 06, 2021

こんにちは💟 きーりです!

Did I get that right? XD Anyway...I wanted to share my newest level up in terms of a Haady and Amekaji gal. Does anyone remember looks like these?

月曜日, 5月 03, 2021


Remember last time when I talked about me learning Japanese? 

木曜日, 4月 29, 2021


Gotta get that Japanese practice in XD

We all know kigus have been mostly tied in with anime for a long time.

But did you know that Gyaru are into them as well?

水曜日, 4月 21, 2021

How are you buns doing? 
On Saturday, my mom and I went out to the mall to find some things. 
She didn't end up finding anything but I did take the chance to dress up. 
It's still too chilly to really do some cute looks
most of my Amekaji stuff are for warm weather
but I think it came out pretty cute.

金曜日, 4月 16, 2021

Heyyyyy, hope everyone is doing well! I know I haven't been on top of my blog posting but I had a few issues with my internet being dumb. For some reason, it just decided it's not going to connect normally anymore. It also gets very stupid when it's pouring rain outside. I just want to have decent internet so I can do things.

月曜日, 4月 12, 2021

Some of you might know already if you follow my Twitter - I had to replace my ethernet cable.So until that gets replaced, I will have to hold off on my next magazine post. But until then, our dear Leia made a gal meme! Here is mine~ 

金曜日, 4月 02, 2021

Don't know if anyone else gets like this, but after a while I start to get overwhelmed with too many things. Especially when it comes to social media. I used to have just about everything that was huge and made sure to post as often as I could. But now with the pandemic, it feels like either nothing is being updated or there's too many users and my content gets lost in the crowd.

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