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月曜日, 1月 04, 2021

✩41 My Eyeshadow Collection✩

Today I wanted to share my collection of eyeshadow palettes that I use in my gal looks. I don't think we talk enough about this but I think more companies should go cruelty-free. A lot of gals and makeup gurus share tons of brands and a lot of them test on animals. 

I don't know about anyone else but I love animals way too much. Especially my rabbits. After I became an owner, it changed my outlook on the products I use. I'm not trying to preach or change your mind on anything. In the end, it's your call on what you like using. But the only products you will ever see on any of my platforms will be at least cruelty-free.  It would be a bonus if it's vegan as well! I do all my research before investing in a brand so I will also share that information with you as well if you're curious~

When it comes to makeup, I love colors.
It only wasn't until I started getting more into Amekaji that I started using neutrals a bit more. Most of my palettes are super bright and colorful. So I definitely do both! I don't really go out of my way to buy big brands unless it happens to catch my eye online or if I'm at Ulta. Most of the time you'll find me shopping at pharmacies and checking out what's new.

Here are the palettes I currently own:

Neutral mini palettes by e.l.f. and L.A. Colors

They're cheap and actually decent quality. With the right eye primer, they are long-lasting and don't require a ton of layers. As I said, I'm all about colors so I don't need a huge brand set. But they're always good to have.

16 color eyeshadow palette by L.A. Colors

Most jfashion fanatics know about this one. I had been hunting for this one for a while and it was always sold out. But finally I got it. It's a gorgeous palette. Very shiny and colorful. But I do recommend a white shadow primer. The colors will stand out more.

My Little Pony palette by Colourpop

I used to love this brand. They've always been great quality and very affordable. I haven't bought from them recently so I can't vouch for their recent products. This is the first and only licensed palette I got from them. It's super pigmented and goes on beautifully. My favorite part is that the design and the names of each color are all from the original My Little Pony characters.

32 color palette by NICKAK

This was a random palette I found at a beauty supply store near my job. It was one of my first palettes when I started experimenting with my gal eyemake. As you can see, it's been used a lot. I think I paid about 10USD$ but a good amount of the shadows are pretty strong and vibrant regardless. It's not perfect and some colors aren't as bright as the others but it's definitely good for a beginner. 

Take Me Back to Brazil by BH Cosmetics

This is my other absolute favorite. It is SUPER pigmented and goes on and blends wonderfully. It has a huge range of colors with a good amount of matte vs glitter. They do have an all glitter sister palette Rio which I eventually plan to get as well. Literally, my only issue is that the pans are small. I have used several of BH Cosmetics and they are definitely one of my top brands!

Hope you all enjoyed this. I think it's important to also include brands that aren't just advertised by beauty bloggers and youtubers. Especially if they're cruelty-free and/or vegan. Please let me know if you will also try one of these!~

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  1. Oh my gosh you have such a beautiful range of colourful palettes! I'm boring and only stick to neutral browns haha. Would love to try more colourful stuff in future though! 💖

    1. Thank you!
      Yessss you should! Even if it's just a muted color palette like the Makeup Revolution ones!!!

  2. The bh cosmetics one is beautiful 🤩 I used to do more colourful eyemake for gal, my go to was blue and green on my lid~ I’m def gonna look into getting that one for osharekei looks ^_^

    1. Isn't it?! It's my favorite! You should see the Rio one~
      Yes please! I would love to see colorful looks on you!!!

  3. Yes to colorful palettes!!! BH cosmetics really does have some lovely palettes. My first eyeshadow was their 88 pan one just to see what colors I should invest in for bigger ones. OFC the 88 palettes are not as nice as the newer ones, and the Brazil palette was the other one I was considering to get when I bought the Trendy in Tokyo one :3

    The my Little Pony palette is cute, too~ Want to try colourpop but it's not sold here haha. I did get to swatch some at Ulta when I was in the US and it seems nice!!

    1. Omg You would love the Brazil one! It's so pretty! And with your skills, you could do some amazing looks~
      Yeah as I said, I love all the Colourpop I bought forever ago. I can't speak for the newer stuff. XD

  4. omgomgomg that my little pony palette!!!!!!! HOW PERFECT IS THIS???

    I usually wear only brown and gold these days, I not so good with eyeshadows^^'
    I need to try out more colors cause I really like, I'm just always scared it won't look good cause I'm not the best makeup artist:P

    1. Isn't it a cute one?!

      I remember being scared at the beginning. But I saw too many colorful gals in my EGG collection that I just had to try. All of the palettes I listed here are very affordable and if you need help getting any of them and/or help with applying, let me know!♥


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