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土曜日, 1月 09, 2021

✩42 My Birthday! (Small Recap)✩


My birthday was on Tuesday (1/5). A few days before, I was having a rough time about it and seriously didn't think anyone would remember or even know. I was also feeling down about a few other things so I was already planning to be miserable on the day of.

Somehow, the night before it changed a little. I got an email for a free drink from Dunkin' Donuts. I never get to use these up and they usually end up going to waste. But this time I would be working on my birthday so I finally got my chance to!

I also decided that if I had to work that I might as well look hella cute.


Hoodie, top, belt, pants: Blue Moon Blue
Sneakers: Sketchers
Scrunchie: SBY

I was really happy with how my make came out. I've been following a little tutorial from EGG by none other than the Amekaji queen Kanako-chan~

I used Twinkle Lash for top and bottom lashes ♥

I got my free coffee and also purchased a toasted bagel with cream cheese. It felt so great to just be paying 3USD$ for a whole breakfast! I made my way over to work and that's when all the birthday wishes started pouring in. Many of them online and a bunch at work. I even got a bunch of texts from friends and family!

Throughout my whole shift, I noticed that a few of my coworkers were acting kind of funny...
And it wasn't until a bit later that I realized they had snuck in a cake! They hit me with a Happy Birthday surprise in the breakroom. I almost broke down crying. I really wasn't expecting any of it and it was so awesome to feel so appreciative and grateful to have such amazing friends.

After hanging around for a while after my shift, I finally decided to go home. I was going to buy a Loungefly bag that I had seen in one of the nearby stores but I wasn't so much in love with it as I thought to justify the price. So I left. Which is fine. It wasn't necessary. I'll look around online and wait for sales~

My mom came home with a cake and family sang happy birthday. We even ordered a pizza for dinner. Most of the time was being on the phone getting birthday wishes and hanging out on Discord where I received amazing fanart and played video games all night! 

I also got some other goodies that I would like to also show on my blog another time if anyone is interested~

It was so much fun. It was the best birthday I had in a long time. And it wasn't anything crazy. It was just a special time with the people I care about!

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  1. That bag is sooooooooo cute! Happy late birthday lovely ♡ I love your recent codes soooo much, they're so colourful and cute ♡♡♡

    1. Awww thank you so much! That means a lot to me!♥

  2. Happy birthday!!
    That is so sweet of your friends and coworkers and family!! Those little birthday promos from brands really can brighten your day, even though it's just marketing, it feels nice if it's something you already enjoy anyway!

    Loungefly has such ADORABLE designs! I wish they not so expensive... I saw so many cute Disney ones at Hot Topic and Box Lunch in the USA.... back when shopping in person was a thing...

    1. Thank youuuu!!!!
      Yeah, it really can make the biggest difference!

      Omg yeah....Loungefly is so damn cute ;_;

  3. So glad you had an awesome birthday, you deserve it!! ❤❤❤ Hope the rest of the year is even better for you 💖✨


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