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金曜日, 2月 12, 2021

✩49 Animal Crossing Makeup!✩

I was able to get some of the Colourpop x Animal Crossing makeup that they released last month. With scalping becoming a huge problem, you never know if you're gonna be lucky to get some things. Like when the same company released a Sailor Moon set. I was more upset at the scalpers than the site crashing. But that's a rant for another post...

Anyway~ They finally arrived. I want to show you the pieces that I got! 

Also disclaimer:
I don't claim to be a beauty guru or anything like that so this is not a professional review. This is just my own personal thoughts to the best of my ability. My swatches are not perfect but they are my own.

I actually didn't want to get the entire collection. I am still pretty new to the games and haven't played much on the latest entry but I fell in love with a lot of the villagers. So I only had my eyes on just 3 of the products in this collection. I got two eyeshadow palettes and one of the blushes. I've been dying for a coral color blush since my color palette is definitely going more towards bright and citrus-kind of colors!

I managed to get these three items! Aren't they adorable? I love the packaging and detail for each. 

What A Hoot

Based on the owl siblings Blathers and Celeste, this is a neutral mini palette with really pretty warm colors. The colors and names are so cute and do a great job representing each owl. Even the packaging has amazing and adorable detail with star pieces and fossils! I love how well pigmented they are except for "Meteor Shower"... 

Even making a proper swatch on my arm took a decent effort. It acts more like a glitter top rather than a glitter shadow like "All Aflutter". So I will have to either find a good packing brush or use my fingertip. But it's still a really cute palette! Celeste is actually my favorite~ Even though she technically isn't a villager.

Five Star Island

Isabelle's adorable and colorful palette. I haven't played enough of the game series yet to know what the butterflies have to do with her but it does do a great job showing how cheerful she is! The colors represent her so well and I adore "Isabelle" and "Island Tune". 

This time all four colors showed up very well in the swatches I did even for my novice self. I just wish that "Meteor Shower" was as amazing as "Isabelle". But I'm just hoping that it was just the top layer being like that. 

Flower Tender

I love Colourpop's blushes as most of them are buildable. So if I want more of a flushed look, all I have to do is add a bit more. I'm really happy that even with a few passes, it did show up more on my skin.

My other favorite part about these blushes is that they are actual flowers from the game~ Both which are also pressed into the pigment. I got the orange windflower! Did you notice on the packaging of each you can see different villagers? Super nice touch!

They even have the Nintendo seal!

If it weren't for the fact that Celeste and Isabelle are in this collection, I probably would not have gotten anything. But another plus is that these are perfect for some bright gal looks. I cannot wait to incorporate these into a future co*de! Maybe I could also do a Celeste-inspired look!

I hope you liked this review! Please let me know in the comments if you would like to see more in the future like this! Also tell me if you would like to see some looks with these palettes~

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  1. ADORABLE!!! I was excited to see the collection though I cannot buy anything from it >_<

    For the glitter shade, a sponge-tip applicator can pack on really well and then you can blend it with your finger or a brush. I use sponge-tip applicators for many shimmer or glitter shades if I want an impacted look, and use a brush for a topcoat look.

    OH also NYX glitter glue very nice for making any flakey glitters really stick in case of fallout :3 And it helps shimmers pop even more, if you want a VERY shimmer look. I learned that from watching BeautBean on Youtube. Usually I only use it for glitters as the sponge-tip gives the type of shimmer finish I like enough~

    Hope to see you do a Celeste gyaru coord + make tut soon!!!! Would be so fun!!!

    1. Ahhhh yeah you prob have to get it through someone ;_;

      oooo I think I have some sponge ones. Thank you for the tip! And I still have my glitter glue. I will give it a try!!!

      Thank you <3

  2. those are sooooo cute. I almost bought some but I need to work down my stash first, lol. Those pressed glitters definitely work better with your finger. I usually just use them on my cheeks tbh but I know that's not like, an everyday look haha.

    1. I know....I really need to get through what I have but since I work from home now, I don't really do my makeup all that often anymore ;_; But now that I got these, I do plan to!

  3. I also bought the What A Hoot palette and one of the lip tint duos. I agree, if this collection wasn't Animal Crossing themed I probably wouldn't have gotten anything. haha ♥


  4. I don't play animal crossing but this is really really cute!!!♡

    1. Isn't it?! The makeup really got me XD

  5. Hooray for coral blush! I'm really on an orange/peach blush kick, you can never have too much. These mini palettes are too adorable! I like the Isabelle palette best personally but all are super cute and usable

    1. I agree! You can never have too much! And I'm glad you think so too~ I like to go for things that are actually useable!

  6. Gosh, the packaging looks SUPER CUTE AAAAH! I absolutely love the eyeshadow palettes!

  7. SO CUTE! I think the What a Hoot palette is perfect for traveling; you can create an entire eye look with it. I feel that's hard to find is some palettes, I always have to turn to multiple palettes for a completed look.

    I wanted to buy the entire collection tbh just because I love the game and the characters, but color-wise I think the only thing that would look good on me would be the Able sisters' palette and the bellionaire glitter :/ So I just sat this one out lol
    - Amiman♥

    1. I honestly think that the Isabelle one would look adorable on you! I love pinks and yellows on you~


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