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日曜日, 2月 21, 2021

✩52 Gal Magazine Haul✩

I'm sure a lot of you know that I tend to collect more magazines than actual clothing. I'm trying to get more clothing but there's a combination of not being able to find much anymore (thanks scalpers and hoarders) and sizing for certain brand bottoms. Since getting into Amekaji, I wanted more of the cuter skirts and pants. But I never know what is actually hispanic-friendly XD

Anyway, in my last post I posted a photo that was just a hint of what I got. I'm still waiting for one more package in the mail but this was the bigger part of the two. I'm so happy with all that I got and everything is filled with so much inspo! Let's check out what I got~



For a long time I was obsessed with finding the older issues of these. One of the issues I bought from a previous order was the anniversary issue so it showed all of the old covers. Even though Popteen was never truly labeled as a gal magazine, it had an amazing range of issues during the peak of gal. So I'm super excited for the issue from 2000.



FINALLY. I own the 2005 issue. There were a few times I tried to buy it and would always miss out on it. This one is in okay condition but at least I have it now. And of course, I am super thrilled to have more Kanako-chan covers!!! She is my Amekaji muse~ And now I have to be on the hunt for that EGG Beauty that's advertised on one of the covers...



With the exception of like 1 or 2 issues, I was lucky enough to find a set for a decent price! I realize that I don't have that option with EGG but it was nice for this magazine! It's perfect for getting ideas for Amekaji and I can't wait to try some of them out! The magazines are so cute and colorful. And now I know why Andy loves it so much!

Fashion Collection Previews

axes femme 2021, Adree 2014 S&S, Liz Lisa Doll 2011 Spring, TRALALA 2010 Winter and Premium Winter, TRALALA 2011 Spring, TRALALA 2015 AW

Back when I used to buy more Liz Lisa, I loved getting these little preview pamphlets. I actually still have a couple of them (mostly the mooks which I am still trying to find). I adore the older styles of LL and their sister brands. I appreciate them a lot more than the newer collections. But I'm going to leave it at that or I'll start a rant XD

I was supposed to get a couple more issues but they ended up not working out. Kind of annoying when sellers kinda' just abandon what they listed....Hopefully in the future I will be able to get them. 

My collection is slowly growing! I still am on the hunt for EGG #1 so if anyone sees it, please send a link my way! What do you think about the issues that I picked up? Would you like to see inside them? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. amazing!! please show some scans *.*

  2. Uhh this post makes me want to expand my magazine collection more. I am thinking I need some Blenda, Jelly and Happie nuts next but shipping is a killer isn't it!

    1. Yes pls! And yeah....this box was kinda heavy ^^;

  3. omg!! this is amazing, I can’t wait for my magazines to come in so I feel u on the collecting more magazines than clothes LOL

  4. I LOVE these! I'd totally like to see the inside!!!! I've never been REALLY into amekaji but I've been so tempted because it's so casual and colorful and cute.

    1. I will start working on a post soon!♥
      Amekaji is so cute and fun! Definitely one of my top favorites~

  5. If I had the space for magazines I'd start a collection (ToT) you got a lot of great ones!! Egg is my fave but the Ranzuki magazines are super cute and bright! You should get tons of inspo from those. ps. I'd love to see inside some of these magazines~ ♥
    - Amiman♥

    1. I have just a small bookshelf and the bottom section is dedicated to them lmao. I love EGG too~ I will definitely do a post on them!♥

  6. OMG I died and woke up in heaven! Everything you got is so perfect! Will you share scans of those issues? Please please please, share Liz Lisa scans. >o<!! <3

  7. Oh my goshhhh! What an amazing gyaru magazine haul! I totally agree, I collect magazines too. But wow I really need to get into Ranzuki more, the covers look so good!


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