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土曜日, 3月 20, 2021

☆57 Amekaji and Haady☆

Since getting back into collecting gal magazines, I've been noticing a lot more gals in Amekaji and Haady. I used to be all about Tsuyome and even a little bit of Himekaji, but COCOLULU, JSG and Blue Moon Blue have definitely been pulling me away. And I'm really happy about it.

For those that don't know about these styles or are new to gal ( welcome!), I'm going to explain a little bit about each with examples! Maybe some looks I did myself? Shall we start?

What is Amekaji?

Amekaji, or 'American Casual', is a substyle that focuses on the use of bright and colorful in makeup and co*des. Think oldschool Americana mixed with some 90s styles. It's a super comfortable and casual style.

Some identifying key points are:

☆ Bold and brightly colored prints
☆ Cute patterns and slogan tees
☆ Baseball caps and beanies
☆ Jeans, shorts and skirts. Dresses were later added in with layering under hoodies
    and sweatshirts.
☆ Colorful gyaru makeup
☆ Tan is optional. As time went along, gals opted out on this detail.
☆ Hair is often bleached to various shades of blonde.
    Note: An option that changed and soon all hair colors were done.
☆ Sneakers, small heels and sometimes boots
☆ Notable brands are Blue Moon Blue, COCOLULU, marpleQ and SBY

Here are also a couple of looks I did!

Now for the other style I mentioned:

What is Haady?

Haady was a substyle started around 2007 and had this wild mix of what was gyaru, British punk, American rock with some hip-hop patterns and wild colors. The name Haady comes from the Japanese word 派手 (hade) meaning flashy. So that makes a bit of sense! 

It's also important to note that it was ex-EGG model Kaoru Watanabe (who also helped establish the brand JSG [Japanese Super Girl]) who created this style.

Some identifying key points are:

☆ Bright, colorful, lots of neon, lots of patterns
☆ No natural colors but black is usually the base
☆ Makeup for the entire face is more colorful and brighter than any other substyle
☆ Lots of stars, stripes, polka-dots, skulls, check prints, color blocks
☆ Style was originally more sexy and tight-fitting before later becoming looser and fluffier
☆ Footwear can be whatever you choose
☆ Layering is key
☆ Hair colors could be just about anything (the wilder the better)
☆ Notable brands are JSG, Galaxxxy (also created by Kaoru), early Tutuha, LDS

And my take on the style:

Whould you like to comment?

  1. I love haady!! even though I can't see myself wearing those styles

    1. It's okay! I absolutely adore your style ♥

  2. Amekaji and Haady suits you so so much! Like, it was made for you ^//////^ I really want to try it out one day but I don't really have any colourful clothes ... ;;

    1. Wahhhhh thank youuuuu!!!!♥ ♥ ♥ lol my closet has gotten crazy cause of all the styles I love XD

  3. Both styles fit you so well ♡ ~('▽^人) I'm so here for it!!
    - Amiman♥

  4. Uhh this is so interesting, thank you for writing this! And I love your take on the style, the second one (pink hoodie) is my favorite 😍💕


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